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Let's end family homelessness. 

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What is Alpha House?

Alpha House is an emergency shelter for children and their families experiencing homelessness. They provide temporary shelter, food, and support services with safety and dignity to address each family's individual needs and barriers to securing permanent housing.

The impact of their programs is simple – families gain housing and remain together as a family.

Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) provides intensive support case management, which promotes the success of every family by pulling together an array of needed resources including: job training, budgeting, children's services, parenting support, housing relocation services and connection to health care.

My current situation wouldn’t be possible if not for the support my kids and I received from Alpha House. Over the last two years, I was able to maintain employment, repair my credit score, obtain a valid driver’s license, purchase a car, and pay off most of my debt. I appreciate everything and know that I will work hard to pay it forward
— Former Alpha House Family

Rapid re-housing

Rapid re-housing is an intervention, informed by a Housing First approach that is a critical part of a community’s effective homeless crisis response system.

Rapid re-housing rapidly connects families and individuals experiencing homelessness to permanent housing through a tailored package of assistance that may include the use of time-limited financial assistance and targeted supportive services.

Rapid rehousing programs help families and individuals living on the streets or in emergency shelters solve the practical and immediate challenges to obtaining permanent housing while reducing the amount of time they experience homelessness, avoiding a near-term return to homelessness, and linking to community resources that enable them to achieve housing stability in the long-term.


Transition Program

What are Transitions?

Every month MIMH donates two Transitions or bins to Alpha House. These bins are called “Transitions” because they are donated to families as they transition from the shelter into permanent housing. We make the most out of our bins by placing essential household items in large laundry baskets that can account for the whole family.

What do Transitions consist of?

Each Transition is different, with the only similarity being that the items are household essentials that include pots and pans, sheets, towels, lamps, curtains, and other necessities.

This program is unique because it is tailored to the demand of the families at Alpha House- whatever is needed most, we donate! 

Demands change based on the month due to holidays and weather conditions; in October, we will likely donate Halloween costumes for the children, which allows them to participate, have fun and eat an absurd amount of candy!

Demands also change based on the ages and interests of family members; a family with young children may want toys, while a family with older children may request more complex school supplies.

For more information email us at michismyhome@umich.edu