2017/2018 Executive Board

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Hussain Ali

Co-President, Founder  

Hometown: Commerce Twp. Michigan

Hussain is a senior at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, where he is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Public Health Sciences with a minor in Science, Technology, and Medicine. He is interested in population health inequities, particularly on how the social determinants of health impact marginalized communities. Passionate about the intersectionality of healthcare and entrepreneurship, Hussain hopes to become a clinical dentist and work to expand access to medical care in underserved areas.

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Payton Watt

Co-President, Co-Founder  

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Payton is a senior studying Biology, Health, and Society with a minor in Community Action and Social Change. She is passionate about decreasing health inequities and is particularly interested in gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, and obesity. She is pursuing dual master degrees in public health (nutritional sciences) and business administration. In the future, she sees herself running her own dietetic clinic that emphasizes the importance of healthy living and mental health. She also hopes to own a restaurant and food brand that specialize in food allergies and intolerances.

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Nolan Smith

Vice President 

Hometown: Portage, Michigan

Nolan is a Junior at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, where he is working towards a Major in Business Administration. Nolan has a focus in accounting, as he plans to eventually pursue a CPA and a career in audit and assurance.  

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Katie Jaje 

Director of Marketing and Communications 

Hometown: Macomb, Michigan

Katie is a senior at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy and pursuing a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She is interested in increasing health literacy and the ability for individuals to access needs regarding health. Katie plans to become a physician, integrating her knowledge on pharmaceuticals with her passion for her community's health, and work predominately with at-risk and underserved populations. 

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Omar Jamil

Financial Advisor  

Hometown: Lima, Peru


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Sloane Lynch

Director of Finance  

Hometown: Monroe, Michigan

Sloane is a junior at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, studying Public Health Sciences. She is interested in identifying and understanding the unique barriers different individuals face to accessing health care and health education. Sloane hopes to use her understanding of social determinants of health to address inequities relating to maternal and fetal health as an obstetrician-gynecologist. 

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Alan Chu 

Co-Director of Outreach and Development 



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Annika Dhawan 

Co-Director of Outreach and Development 


Annika is a Sophomore at the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, where she is pursuing an International Studies degree with focus on Global Health and Environment. Annika is passionate about service and development of communities both locally and abroad, and hopes to become a physician or work in the public health sector to specifically aid underserved areas and address issues relating to women’s health.

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Nina Serr 

Co-Director of Operations 

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Nina is a junior at the University of Michigan majoring in Biology, Health & Society and minoring in business or entrepreneurship with a focus in sales and an interest in nutritional sciences. Nina is interested in how technological innovation can improve population health, especially when related to aiding underprivileged communities. She hopes to work with health centered businesses in the future, or start one of her own. 

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Emma Weston 

Co-Director of Operations 

Hometown: Portage, Michigan

Emma is a junior at the University of Michigan studying cellular and molecular biology. She is a research assistant in the Childhood Disparities Research Laboratory, where she studies social determinants of health disparities in school aged children. With a passion for understanding and diminishing health disparities, Emma hopes to become an emergency medicine physician to have a direct, visible impact. 

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Yiqiu Yang 

Director of Campus and Community Engagement  

Hometown: Guangzhou, China 

Yiqiu is a junior at the University of Michigan College of LSA pursuing a bachelor of science in Neuroscience with a minor in American Culture. She is passionate about behavioral psychology and community outreach, and she hopes to become a physician to provide health care for underserved populations.

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Nathanial Nass 

Director of Advertisement  

Hometown: Grand Haven, Michigan

Nathanial is a Sophomore at the University of Michigan College of LSA, where he is pursuing a degree in Political Science. He intends to further his education by attending law school after finishing his undergraduate studies. He is interested in the criminal justice system and potential ways of reforming it. He is also passionate about videography, using this skill to help bring awareness to the economic hardships faced by many in Ann Arbor and the surrounding area. 

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Lindsay Calka 

Director of Media Relations   

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Lindsay is a sophomore at the University of Michigan pursuing an undergraduate degree in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. She plans to apply to the Organizational Studies program and minor in Art and Design. She is interested in applying her creative tendencies to work in the non-profit sectors of business or government. Lindsay is passionate about social justice issues relating to women, both in the United States and abroad.