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2017/2018 Members

Anyone can become a member at anytime! All you have to do is complete the membership requirements before March of each school year. 

Martin Bauer, Brianna Byard, Lindsay Calka, Marissa Ernst, Andrew Foster, Maria Milske, Nathanial Nass, Earth Patel, Jacob Polson, Sophia Ramirez, Paul Rozek, Amy Ransom, Kayla Smith, Dhruv Solanki, Emily Webber, Emma Weston, Yiqiu Yang, Jiho Yoo

Board of Directors


The executive board consists of students at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. These students come from a variety of backgrounds, have various majors, and bring specific skill sets to the team. Michigan Is My Home is a student run non-profit where students are directly in charge of all decisions, programs, initiatives, and relations of Michigan Is My Home. 


Hussain Ali

Payton Watt

Nolan Smith
Vice President

Sloane Lynch
Director Finance

Katie Jaje
Director of Marketing and Communications

Yiqiu Yang
Director of Campus and Community Engagement

Alan Chu
Co-Director of Outreach and Development

Annika Dhawan
Co-Director of Outreach and Development

Nina Serr
Co-Director of Operations

Emma Weston
Co-Director of Operations

Nathanial Ness
Director of Advertising

Lindsay Calka
Director of Media Relations

                                       Board of Trustees

                                                                           Hussain Ali                                  Payton Watt                                      Katie Doyle         
                                                                                                                                                                                        Faculty Advisor